Christy’s Causes

Christy’s Gourmet Gifts is happy to accept donation applications for sweets and chocolate in support of local charities.

Christy’s asks for the following eligibility requirements:

  • The organization’s mandate must be related to social, health or educational needs.
  • The organization should be a registered charity that is eligible to issue official tax receipts, or an established non-profit organization.

If your organization meets the eligibility requirements, we are happy to receive a donation application in writing at least 4 weeks before the event.

The application must including the following information:

  • Name, Phone Number and Email Address of the Contact Person
  • Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website of the Non-profit Organization
  • Date, Time and Location of the Event
  • A description of the type of donation you are looking for

Applications should be sent to Christy’s Gourmet Gifts via email at Thank you!

Christy’s Gourmet Gifts’ Causes include:


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Holly Jolly Wine Tour

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Rotary of Waterdown

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One thought on “Christy’s Causes

  1. Hi Christy and Bernie,
    it’s Alex from Ontario Place security , which was many many moons ago 🙂
    I understand you are supporting local charities, so what I am doing is something called “Dads and Braids”. It is a volunteer supported workshop, where dads will learn how to do their daughter’s hair.In exchange dads will bring food items for the Burlington Food Bank, and I am also thinking unwrapped toys in time for Christmas. Hair salons and stylists will volunteer their space and knowledge, and I am also planning to have local photographers volunteer their time, to take photos which I will publish on our facebook page and hopefully our website when i create one. That said I would like to create goodie bags from local business that fathers and daughter can take home. Would you be interested in helping out, which will definitely be very appreciated and I will take every opportunity to aknowledge and promote? And for Bernie’s info, I am currently a Sergeant with TTC, been there for the last 10 years ( hired in the same class as Bennett ), I have a 6 year old girl and live at Walkers and New. Hope to hear from you soon !


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